We love travelling.

Travelling is, undoubtedly, a way of learning and knowing different cultures and traditions that make us wiser. Throughout our first trip to Kathmandu, apart from discovering a new philosophy of life, traditions and a culture completely different from the European, we also met several professionals specialized in the complex process of making 100% cashmere clothing.

They showed and taught us the process of making garments made of thread 100% cashmere and natural fabrics. That fact changed our plans. We remained in Kathmandu for more than six months visiting several factories that are working since time immemorial. The craftsmen have passed their knowledge and the secrets of the trade from generation to generation, thus, the production of cashmere and its complements has become an ancestral process.

So this is how we have become a company placed in Barcelona, producing our clothing in Kathmandu (Nepal) where we produce according to the patterns and needs of our customers. This is why we manage and control the production and dying process in Kathmandu. The whole process includes a thorough quality control on every single piece of clothing.

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This industry is nowadays an important value for Kathmandu and its area of influence. It gives work, on fair working conditions, to a large part of the population of “Kathmandu Valley” and it is an important source of wealth for the region.

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